FAQs About our Dance-a-Thon

FAQs About our Dance-a-Thon

1. Can adults register? ABSOLUTELY!!! All ages are welcome and several adults have registered already. Don’t be left out! If you are an adult and want to get your groove on, you will be in good company!

2. Do I have to join a team? NOPE! Dancers can form fundraising teams of up to 4 people and try to win the team fundraising prize, but it is not required and teams are for fundraising alone. There are no specific team activities at the dance-a-thon.

3. Do I have to stay with my child? NOPE! We will have volunteers serving as chaperones at the event.

4. Can I stay with my child? This depends. If your child is 10 or under 1 parent may stay with them. However if there are other reasons you are uncomfortable with leaving an older child please reach out. Our main concern is capacity and we want to make sure we have enough room for the registered dancers. Another way to join your child though would be to register as a dancer!

5. If I have to pay a registration fee why do I also have to collect donations? The registration fee covers all our costs (shirts, food, site, prizes, etc.). The donations will go directly Ari’s Bears for bears and childhood cancer research grants.

6. When should I register? ASAP to get donations! We will accept registrations up to the day of the event but must register by January 2 to get a shirt.

7. Why should I register? FUN! FUN! FUN! For an excellent cause! And you may just get to see David’s dancing skills!https://fundly.com/ari-s-bears-dance-a-thon

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